How is my income verified?

You will be requested to upload two recent pay stubs onto your Peerform account.  When received, the verification team will review them. 

To be considered valid, all pay stubs must state your name, employer, and be dated within the last 3 months. If you are self employed, please click here for further instruction.

To verify your income, we look at the listed income and calculate whether it matches up with, or comes within close range to, the annual income you stated when registering your Peerform account. If there is a substantial difference between your stated annual income and the income stated on your provided pay stubs, we will request additional income verification (See Why should I be as accurate as possible when stating my annual income?).

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    Kati Canter

    What if You are payed cash when self employed?

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    Scotty Hampton

    I can't get my income to upload can I email them

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