What happens after my loan status is changed to "funded"?

As soon as your loan request attracts sufficient investors, we proceed to the next and final step (assuming the application is complete).  This final step consists of one very brief review by the underwriting team, and if everything checks out, you will receive a loan from Cross River bank and funds directly in your bank account within 1-2 business days. Please note that we will not proceed to the final step if your application is not complete. That is why you are encouraged to complete your application at your earliest convenience, so that when your request attracts sufficient investors there can be a quick and smooth final approval and transfer of money to you.

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    Derek H. Westray

    Well, as being a U.S. veteran and one who has serviced this said nation honorably would be very honored to confess the fact in which I, personally need this personal loan, but that depends on your management's reviewing judgment of all the bank loans service terms and personal credit check on your behalf .

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    Dear Peerform Thanks for approving my loan

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    Senija Rakovic

    whether loans to companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks

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